Our mission

Rather than just the absence of a mental disorder, mental health encompasses a whole spectrum between wellness and illness: it is your overall well-being, defined by the stability of your moods, emotions, stress adaptability, productivity, and ability to cope with everyday life.

Good mental health is an essential component of overall health. It is no less important than outward or ‘visible’ health in maintaining the quality of life. In fact, research in the field of psychiatry has long established that mental health works in tandem with physical health. Depression has a complex correlation with heart disease. Similarly, chronic stress is shown to be related to auto-immune conditions like psoriasis.

Our minds and bodies are wonderfully in sync with each other: when one is overstressed, the other also feels the effects. Therefore, a holistic approach to psychiatric problems is one that takes physical well-being into account.

Moreover, every human being has unique strengths, challenges, experiences, and coping capacities that shape their overall health. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive combination of pharmacological, lifestyle, nutritional, and wellness treatment methods that can be customized to your individual needs. We aim to go deeper than conventional psychiatric treatments and help people achieve long-lasting mental health through personalized methods.

Unlike most clinical practices that uphold a harmful black-and-white categorical approach to mental illness, we believe that mental imbalance can befall anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic background. Seeking help for mental health concerns should ideally be no different from going to the hospital for an ankle sprain. 

We aspire to overhaul this narrow understanding of mental health in recognition of the growing urgency to provide mental care and reduce disability.

While medication helps modify the negative impact of sociocultural, economic, psychological determinants of mental stability, to optimize mental well-being, however, one further needs to make affirmative efforts to cultivate positive behaviors and emotions through mindfulness, nutrition, and physical activity. Every day new research emerges to support these methods.  At our practice, we collaborate with you in your journey toward the upliftment of mental and physical wellness by utilizing all these diverse strategies.



We provide you with holistic, evidence-based mental health treatment options based on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, mindfulness, and medication, for you to pick a personalized regimen from a diversity of resources


Our priority is your health, and the combination of treatments needed to achieve it will be decided by none other than YOU according to your needs and comfort


As health facilitators, we believe you to be the best advocate for your wellness and value your involvement and feedback in the care process as the single most effective way of optimizing your overall wellness


We view your unique physical, emotional and genetic makeup as a positive factor instead of an obstacle in the care process, and use this information to suggest highly individualized and genetically-matched drug choice and dosage