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  • Dima Arbach, MD

Tackling this Holiday Season

As we come closer and closer to the holiday season, many Americans are trying to adjust mentally and emotionally to the fact that this season will look nothing like how it used to be.

Adapting to an unfamiliar situation and practicing new traditions has been a challenging task for human beings for centuries. Traditions were found for good, or at least necessary, reasons!

We gather to celebrate, and we gather to grieve. We have not been able to do that properly this year and it is hard to adjust. What can be done is to face this new reality and go through the holiday season feeling joy and gratitude.

Awareness is key and the first step is to be aware of our own emotions, conflicts, and difficulty adjusting to the unknown and unfamiliar.

Once we are aware of our emotions, it is immensely helpful and vital to know that WE ARE NOT ALONE. Everyone is facing this situation with uncertainty. The shared struggle, although unfortunate, unites us and makes it more tolerable to do what we do to protect our loved ones.

Gratitude comes next. It is worth being grateful for the people in our lives who we may not be able to share the holiday meals and gatherings with as we used to do. We are doing this to help them and protect them!

What is more to be celebrated in Thanksgiving and the coming holidays than giving away our own comfort and pleasure away to help our friends and family?

Let us all take a deep breath, inhale in our awareness and appreciation for who we have in our lives and exhale out our disappointments and unrealistic expectations!

Let us connect with loved ones even if it is via screen and let them know how much THEY MATTER TO US! Let us connect with ourselves and let ourself know how proud we are for all we are doing!

Happy Holiday Season!

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